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Bonuses for Alpeneuro customers

Fixed price – unlike conventional taxis, which require you to pay according the counter and other additional payments (e.g. for placing your luggage into the luggage compartment), you immediately get to know the price of your transfer from Munich to Austria or other cities and regions. This is beneficial when you travel for long distances, for example from the Munich airport to Innsbruck. Amount of luggage, number of passengers, holiday dates and heavy traffic have no affect on the cost of your transfer – we have no hidden fees!
English-speaking dispatcher – Now you can arrange a transfer from Airport or Sity in the English language! In addition, our employees speak German and Russian.
Free cancellation of booking of a long-distance taxi (maximum in 1 hour prior to the trip)
Licensed carriers (Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) für München und Oberbayern). Each car is inspected once a year. In the case of any road accident, we provide our passengers with mandatory life insurance. If a car goes down during your transfer, we will provide another car without any additional costs for you!
Own vehicle fleetis updated every three years. We use cars of the following classes: Comfort, Business, Premium, and Comfort and Business class minibuses, and minibuses with capacity from 1 to 19 passengers. A large company traveling to ski resorts will appreciate spacious 13 and 19 seater minibuses, and a family with kids going to Legoland will appreciate availability of restraining devices. By the way, when booking your transfer, do not forget to specify the number of children according to their age groups. We will provide you restraining devices free of charge.
24/7 contact – In case of emergency you can contact our dispatcher manager at any time. Average time on weekdays and weekends is 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.