How does it works? Very simple.

You are traveling on business or vacation, or you’re going for skiing or sightseeing with your family or friends.

You have booked a flight, chose and booked the best hotel. In a great mood you arrive to the airport, and now you and your heavy suitcases need to get to your hotel. A new country, a new city, and it is not clear enough how the public transport works. You need to think and take pains to buy a ticket. You need to find a way to get from the airport to the city and then to the hotel. And if the hotel is located somewhere in Austrian or Swiss Alps? It will be a trip by bus/train/subway then another transfer to subway or a bus/tram. And you will have to take this long way with your suitcases, tired children... 2 or even 4 hours on the road... Rain, damp, cold feet.  Who knows, what other surprises can await you on the way... Do you also think this is not the best way to start your vacation? Me too.

If your time and stress matters, and if you want to make yourself a favor, then select your route from the airport to the hotel and backwards. Book a suitable car with a driver just in 2 minutes. No advance payment and free cancellation in up to 1 hour prior to the transfer. Pay in cash or by credit cards only on the day of transfer.

 How it works:

1.      From where and to where?

Please specify the starting and destination points of your transfer. You can specify a name of the airport, the city, one of the central points of the city (railway station, bus station, city center, etc.) or a full name of the hotel you have booked.

2.      When you go to the hotel? And when you go from the hotel? Do you have children?

Please specify the dates of your arrival and departure. Also please specify the number of passengers taking into account your children and their age. Please specify the number of children according to their age group. Thus we will be able to choose appropriate restraining devices for them. Click “Search”.

3.      Which vehicle will be used for you transfer?

Choose a vehicle that meets your requirements. Click “Checkout”.

4.      Make an Order. 3 steps, 1 minute.

Fill in the information required to arrange your transfer. Everything is simple. Tip: Specifying your personal number, please be sure to specify your personal number or a number of the phone you will have with you during your trip. Please better do not specify Travel-Card phone numbers as those phones can fail at the most inappropriate moment. It has happened multiple times.

5.      Your Transfer Voucher.

Please print out your Transfer Voucher and take it with you. Your voucher contains all necessary and important information about your transfer and our phone numbers.

6.      Meeting with a Driver.

Do you travel by plane? Your driver will meet you in the arrivals area of the airport.


You will be met and taken to the destination point with all possible comfort at the fixed price.

  • Your driver will meet you at the airport with a personal nameplate.
  • He will wait for you (free of charge) if your flight is delayed.
  • He will help you with your luggage if you need it.
  • He will take you to your destination point by a comfortable car.

Are you traveling from the hotel? Then the driver will wait in the lobby of your hotel.

After booking your transfer, you will get an order confirmation to your email.

Our Customer Service is available 24/7 on +49-176-26-145-852.

Feel free to contact us by phone: +49-176-26-145-852, or select your trip. Push the button!


Bonuses for Alpeneuro customers

Fixed price – unlike conventional taxis, which require you to pay according the counter and other additional payments (e.g. for placing your luggage into the luggage compartment), you immediately get to know the price of your transfer from Munich to Austria or other cities and regions. This is beneficial when you travel for long distances, for example from the Munich airport to Innsbruck. Amount of luggage, number of passengers, holiday dates and heavy traffic have no affect on the cost of your transfer – we have no hidden fees!
English-speaking dispatcher – Now you can arrange a transfer from Airport or Sity in the English language! In addition, our employees speak German and Russian.
Free cancellation of booking of a long-distance taxi (maximum in 1 hour prior to the trip)
Licensed carriers (Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) für München und Oberbayern). Each car is inspected once a year. In the case of any road accident, we provide our passengers with mandatory life insurance. If a car goes down during your transfer, we will provide another car without any additional costs for you!
Own vehicle fleetis updated every three years. We use cars of the following classes: Comfort, Business, Premium, and Comfort and Business class minibuses, and minibuses with capacity from 1 to 19 passengers. A large company traveling to ski resorts will appreciate spacious 13 and 19 seater minibuses, and a family with kids going to Legoland will appreciate availability of restraining devices. By the way, when booking your transfer, do not forget to specify the number of children according to their age groups. We will provide you restraining devices free of charge.
24/7 contact – In case of emergency you can contact our dispatcher manager at any time. Average time on weekdays and weekends is 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Feel free to contact us by phone: +49-176-26-145-852, or select your trip. Push the button!