Transfer by a Comfort Class Vehicle

Transfer by Comfort class vehicles of up to 4 passengers is utility in movement.

Vehicles of the following models are available in this category: Mercedes Benz С-Classe, Volkswagen Passat, Opel Insignia, ŠKODA Superb. Select a route and find out the price for your transfer right now.

Inside the car you will find a high-quality trim: semi-soft plastic, chrome inserts with wood grain finish or polished metal inserts, comfortable fabric seats or combined fabric-and-leather seats, high quality media system, 2-zone climate control system at the front of the vehicle. And the rear passengers also fell more than comfortable. Trimming of rear seats is the same as of the front seats, an armrest is provided for passengers’ comfort and the windows are tinted.

Are you traveling with children? When selecting a transfer, specify a number of children according to their age. Restraining devices will be provided free of charge.

The driver can put up to 4 your medium-size suitcases (no more than 80 l per a suitcase) to the huge luggage compartment of the car. If there is no enough space in the luggage compartment, small cases for photo or video equipment, handbags and carry-on bags can also be carried in the passenger compartment.

Transfer of up to 4 passengers by Comfort class vehicles is carried out as an individual transfer. Select a route and find out the price for your transfer right now.

Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.