Business Minibus up to 7pax
Up to 7 Passengers
7 medium suitcases
Auto Air Conditioning

Transfer by a Business class minibus

Transfer by a Business class minibus of up to 7 passengers provides spacious passenger compartment and comfort on the road.

This minibus is the best option for a family or a small company of 4 to 6 persons who want to travel in comfort.

Vehicles of the following models are available in this category: Mercedes Benz Viano, Mercedes Benz V-Classe, Volkswagen Caravelle. Select a route and find out the price for your transfer right now.

Sliding side doors open wide for passengers to get into a minibus with a full comfort. A spacious passenger compartment with a high ceiling guarantees passengers' comfort both in a short or a long trip. Front and rear passenger seats are adjustable, and in some models of minibuses there are also folding armrests. Passengers are seated high, which gives them an excellent visibility and opportunity for sightseeing. The passenger compartment is always clean. Due to smooth running and higher location of seats the speed is not felt, visibility is great – and what more do you need for a pleasant short or long term travel or a business trip across the cities and countries? The choice is clear: Business class minibuses for up to 7 passengers.

Are you traveling with children? When selecting a transfer, specify a number of children according to their age. Restraining devices will be provided free of charge.

The long wheelbase of these vehicles allows to accommodate all your luggage in the luggage compartment. If you are traveling by plane, the driver will be able to put up to 7 medium-size suitcases (up to 80 l per a suitcase) in the luggage compartment. If there is no enough space in the luggage compartment, small cases for photo or video equipment, handbags and carry-on bags can also be carried in the passenger compartment.

Transfer of up to 7 passengers by Business class minibuses is carried out as an individual transfer. Select a route and find out the price for your transfer right now.

Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.