Group transfer (Shuttle)

Joined Transfer from the Munich Airport (MUC) to Munich and back

Book a joined transfer from the Munich Airport (MUC) to your hotel or any other address in Munich. Select a route and find out the price for your transfer right now.

In case of a joined transfer you are traveling with other people who are going in the same direction as you. During a joined transfer some short-time stops are possible on the route of your transfer for other passengers to leave the car in their destination points.
Advantages of a joined transfer: Joined transfer is the most cost-effective way of transfer. guarantees joined transfers for all flights.

For joined transfers, we use new Mercedes Benz Sprinter cars with the maximum capacity of 8 passengers. When you travel alone or in a small company of 3 to 4 persons and if you want to get from the airport to the hotel and back in a comfortable, quick and stress-free way, and herewith to save your money, the obvious choice is to order a joined transfer from the Munich Airport MUC to your hotel in Munich.

All our vehicles are not older than 2013. High quality trim, soft seats, a lot of space for passengers’ legs and high roof allow you to stand upright and move freely in a passenger compartment. Powerful air conditioner will cool you in summer and warm you in winter. Though winters in Munich are very warm now. As our vehicles have large luggage compartments, you can place all your luggage that you have with you.

Are you traveling with children? When selecting a transfer, specify a number of children according to their age. Restraining devices will be provided free of charge.

If you simultaneously book both to and from joined transfers online, you can get a discount for a return transfer.

Select a route and find out the price for your transfer right now.

Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.